Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Why do I need Insurance?



  • First of all, Life Insurance is NOT FOR YOU. Its for the security of your family members.
  • Life Insurance has to be BOUGHT WHEN YOU DONT NEED IT. You cannot buy it when there is a necessity. You need a good health to be insured.
  • When you can spend your money on pleasure, enjoyment or other entertainment and not getting any monetary returns, why not save a bit every month to secure your family's future.
  • Life Insurance is not bought to make any profit, but to secure the future of your family, just as an umbrella is bought not to stop the rain, but to protect us from the rain.
  • When you make arrangements at home even if you will be away for a week, then why not in your complete absence?
  • Do you know how Precious you are for your family? It's you who will make arrangements for the education and wedding of your children.
  • The decision is yours....because the FAMILY is also yours. Its the duty of your LIC agent to inform you about the benefits of life insurance, whether to INSURE OR NOT, is left to you...

To Insure yourself and secure your family's future
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