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Know and protect yourself from insurance frauds

How to protect yourself from insurance frauds?

With frauds in rise everywhere it is important that the customer know how to protect himself.

Though Insurance frauds are not something new but such incidents have been rising – particularly in motor, health and personal accident segments. Recently several news reports have also shown how fraudsters filed cases of natural deaths as road accident victims in order to claim money from their personal accident policies.

To counter such insurance frauds initiatives are needed from both the insurer and the insured side. For example: most of the insurance companies generally have their own call-back system to ascertain that the customer has understood the benefits and terms of the policy. Similarly, before signing on the dotted lines, insured should lookout for the warning signs that indicate an insurance policy could be fake.

Here are a few tips you can use to check the facts:

Buy from licensed insurers & intermediaries  Make sure you always buy …

LIC plans for working women


LIC offers some of the best plans for the current generation young working women force. You can save tax for all the investments made in LIC of India. These plans help you save for your needs even when you stop working. They offer a variety of flexibility by offering lesser premium paying terms, frequent money backs and prolonged returns after a longer term. Please do check the below plans. They will definitely interest you. Jeevan Labh: With premium payment as less as 10 years, you will be receiving the maturity amount after 16 years. You will be enjoying life cover for extended 6 years without premium payment. You can pay for 10 years and sit back and relax. To know more about this plan check the link

Money Back Plan: This plan is a favorite among women. With premium payments for 15 and 20 years and flexible money back returns every 5 years, this plan…